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NRI Income Tax Return

  • Filing through tax experts
  • Complete Analysis of Form 16, 26AS and bank statements
  • Free computation of HRA
  • Analysis on taxability and implications of overseas salary earned in Income tax return of India
  • Computation of credit to be taken wrt taxes paid in foreign country in Indian tax return on basis of DTAA
  • Return can be filed for entire INDIA and abroad.
  • Free Guidance on Tax planning

Due to globalization, a lot of Indians goes out of a country for jobs, vacations etc. and similarly a lot of foreign citizens comes to India. Accordingly, the citizens of one country have to pay taxes in one country or sometimes in both countries. Non-Resident Indians or NRIs are Indian citizens or Persons of Indian origin who has gone out of India either for employment or business etc.

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Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 (“the Act”) provides for conditions for treating an individual as NRI, NRI Taxability and due dates for NRI Tax Return filing. NRI Tax and NRI Income Tax Returns are major source of revenue for India. The Act specifies circumstances when a person will be treated as NRI. According to same, a person would be considered as NRI in any Previous Year in case He/She fulfills any one of the below mentioned conditions:

  • If His/her no. of days of stay in India during said Previous year was 182 days or more OR
  • During Previous 4 years prior to said Previous Year, His/her total no. of days of stay in India was more than 365 days AND in previous Year, no. of days of stay in India was 60 days or more. (In case of person gone out for employment, instead of 60 days it is 182 days)

As per the Act, in case of person Resident in India, his global income is taxable in India. However, taxability of NRI is governed both by domestic laws as well as Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAAs) between both the countries.

Some Important provisions relating to NRI Taxability in India

  • Taxability on Accrual or Receipt Basis

NRI becomes taxable in India in case any Income accrues or arises in India or is received in India. Accordingly, receipt of a salary in India, rental income, interest income from fixed deposits or saving bank accounts and capital gains on assets sold in India are taxable. Tax Return filing of NRI is required in India, if the income of an NRI is more than the basic exemption limit for the year or in case He wants to claim a refund.

  • Taxability on basis of Source

In case, NRI has been assigned work in India, in that case, all incomes which accrue arises from employment in India will be taxable in India since a source of such Income is in India, however, there is some exception to above:

  • Under the Act, in case His period of stay in India is less than 90 days, any remuneration received by Him as an employee of the foreign enterprise for service rendered by him during his stay in India will not be taxable in India.
  • Under the DTAA, such income is not taxable in case His no. of days of stay in India is less than 183 days

However, aforesaid exceptions would be subject to some other conditions like there is an actual physical presence in India, their salary has been a cross charge to an Indian entity etc. Further, in case such individuals earns any personal income from outside India like rent, interest etc., same will not be taxable in India.

  • Foreign Credit in case of Doubly Taxed Income

In case NRI has left India to work outside India, any income received outside India will not be taxable in India. Also, salary received in India would be taxable under domestic tax laws. Same might also be taxable in source country on receipt basis. In such a situation, He may claim either DTAA benefit under Dependent Personal Service (DPS) clause if there is DTAA between two countries or NRI may claim the foreign tax credit on doubly taxed income as per DTAA. However, He would require Tax Residency Certificate or TRC in respect of each of the tax year(s) for which such benefit is claimed. Such certificate is required to be issued by the country where the individual breaks residency.

  • Income earned from India will be taxable in India

Any income earned by NRI under another source like interest on deposits, rental income on property in India etc. shall continue to be taxed in India. Also, an exemption under section 80C wrt certain investments will be available to NRI. Further, NRI would not be required to file a tax return in India in case His income during the tax year comprises only of investment income or income by way of long-term capital gains or both and also in the case, the necessary tax has already been deducted at source from such income.

  • Taxability of NRI on permanently returning to India

In case RNOR returns India, his status will remain NRI for further next 2 years and only after 2 years, He will become Resident in India and accordingly, any income earned outside India will not be taxable in India unless it’s from a business or profession controlled from India during those 2 years. Once, he becomes a resident, his global income will become taxable in India.

  • Taxability in case of absence of PAN

In the case of absence of PAN, a higher rate of Tax @ 20% is normally charged in case of NRI. However, as per recent amendments, even in the case of absence of PAN in India, the normal tax rate may be charged provided NRI furnishes some prescribed information and documents.

  • Disclosure of Foreign Bank account and Assets

In case NRI becomes Resident and Ordinary Resident in any particular year, He would be required to disclose all foreign bank accounts, foreign assets and Foreign Income in the tax return otherwise would be subject to penalty under the newly introduced Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets Bill, 2015

  • NRI cannot open PPF Account

NRI cannot open PPF Account. In case He was already having PPF account before becoming NRI, He may continue to operate the same but only till maturity period. After maturity i.e 15 years, he has to remit the proceeds in the country of residence and cannot extend for a further period.

Inclusions in this package

Copy of Return, 26 AS and Computation
Guidelines for Tax Saving
Do's & Don'ts to avoid Litigation

Process of Filing NRI Income Tax Return

  • You will provide us all documents
  • We will call you for further information
  • We will prepare your tax computation and return
  • In case of tax payable, we will send you tax challan
  • You will make tax payment online and send us challan
  • We will send you draft computation for approval
  • Once you approve, we will file tax return
  • You need to deposit our professional fee in bank account
  • We will send you soft copy of return, computation, and acknowledgment

Documents Required for NRI & Expatriates Tax Return

Documents to be Maintained by NRI & EXPATRIATES working in India in case of REVENUE AUDIT

In order to properly handle the detailed audit and scrutiny of tax returns by Income tax authorities in case of NRIs and Expatriates, it is important for every expatriate and/or NRI to maintain following list :
  • Tax returns filed in India and outside India
  • Proof of taxes paid outside India
  • Documentary evidence for Incomes earned outside India
  • Travel details bifurcated into no. of days present in India and outside India.
  • Supporting documents wrt any loans availed or given/donation tax savings investments etc.
  • Details of all tax saving investments made in India for claiming section 80C deductions
  • Details of all types of Income earned in India.
  • Copy of complete passport and VISA
  • Copy of Registration certificate issued by FRRO
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Secondment agreement issued by home country employer/employment contact issued by Indian employer.
  • Pay slips/ Statements of reimbursement claimed from employer
  • Indian and foreign bank account statements
  • Personal and official credit card statements
  • Lease deed with the landlord along with rent receipts

Nri Tax Services Provided by Ezybiz India

Non Resident Indians are major part of Indian Taxation and financial system since they actively take part in investment activities in India like investment in deposits, properties etc due to which they are also required to pay taxes in India  and file NRI tax return in India.

Not all Non-Residents are required to prepare and file tax returns in India. Requirement of NRI Tax return filing will arise only when they have income in India in terms of capital gains or other income exceeding the basic exemption limit.

We have vast experience in providing NRI Tax Return filing service through our expert team of chartered accountants, company secretaries and finance professionals.

Besides NRI Tax return filing service, we also provides host of other  NRI services like repatriation of money outside India, investment in properties, opening of bank accounts, starting a business in India, purchase and sale of properties etc.

Broadly, we provide following services to Non Resident Indians and Expatriates working in India.


  • Preparation and filing of Income Tax Return in India [ NRI Tax return]
  • Computation of capital gain tax liability in case of sale of property [NRI Capital gain tax computation]
  • Preparation of form 15CA and 15CB wrt repatriation of money outside India [Form 15CA and 15CB filing]
  • Preparation of TDS Challan in form 26QB relating to purchase of property by Non Resident.
  • Assistance in business set up and Registration in India like company registration in India, opening of Branch office or Liaison office or subsidiary company registration in India. [ NRI Business registration]
  • Income Tax Assessment and litigation advisory & compliance
  • Representation before tax authorities at time of scrutiny assessment [ NRI Tax Assessment]
  • Investment Planning in India [NRI Investment]
  • Advisory on Taxation, FEMA and RBI matters
  • Tax planning advisory and investment advisory [NRI Tax Advisory]

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