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Welcome to our website ezybizindia.in.

The owner and operator of this website is EzyBiz India Consulting LLP, situated at 306 3rd Floor, Vishawasadan Tower, District Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058.(“the company”)

The website provides general information about various service offerings of the company. Some of the prominent service offerings of the company are as under:

  1. Business setup in India
  2. Foreign company registration in India
  3. Subsidiary company registration
  4. NRI Tax Return
  5. Income tax return
  6. Income Tax Assessment
  7. Private limited company registration in India
  8. SME IPO listing
  9. Online Accounting Service
  10. GST Audit in India
  11. Form 15CA and 15CB


When any visitor visits our website and access its information, content, services etc., he must acknowledge and agree to accept the terms and conditions prescribed below:

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This agreement describes what are the terms and conditions which are applicable when any user access or use the content of the Website (as defined below).

No Legal Advice & No Solicitation

This website provides information of general nature only. Neither it has been designed to provide any legal advice nor has it been designed with the purpose of solicitation of any work or clients. The user must not reply completely on the content of this website for taking or refrain from taking any legal decision or any other actions on basis of the content of this website.

Neither company nor any of its partners, consultants, or employees accepts any responsibility for any damage or loss that might be inflicted on any user of the website who has either accessed, or make reliance on, any content on the Website and also disclaim, any and all liability resulting from, or connected with any acts or omissions made by users on the basis of content or information on the Website.

Rights on the website and its content

The company has exclusive right on the website and its content. Nobody has right to copy, sell, duplicate reproduce, or exploit any portion of the website for any commercial purpose, without prior permission and approval of the company in writing.

Permission for use

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, and till the time said agreement is terminated by the company, any user can view and or print the copy of the content or any part of the website. However, nobody has right to remove or modify any credits, disclaimers or acknowledgements mentioned in the content or in the website. In case for any specific service, special terms and conditions are prescribed, such terms and conditions are in addition to the terms mentioned in this agreement. Also, in case of any conflict, such special terms for any specific service will prevail.

Additional Conditions:

Nobody has right to access this website other than through a standard applicable computer web browser or through mobile device. Further, nobody shall damage, alter, disable, impair or overburden the Website or interfere with the right of any other persons usage and enjoyment of it.

About Content on this Website:

The Content available on this website is of a general information resource and it is provided on the basis of “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Any user must confirm/countercheck the information contained on the website. Nobody shall construe the company’s  publication of the Content as a guarantee  or warranty  of any services or the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the Content or any part thereof.

Intellectual Property:

Any unauthorized use of the company’s trademark or logo are prohibited, and shall be construed to be a violation of applicable trademark laws.

Limitation of Liability:

Inspite of all its efforts to ensure proper management and maintenance of the website, the company makes no warranties or representations that use of the website will be error free or virus free or uninterrupted. The users shall be responsible for taking all precautions to ensure the content which they might obtain from the website, is free of viruses or other harmful code.

The company disclaims all the liabilities, whether based on negligence, contract, strict liability or any other means and also disclaim all the losses whether indirect, incidental, consequential to the access or use of the content of the website, even if the company has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


The user of the website hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the company and its officers, members, employees, agents and partners, harmless from any liabilities, losses, claim, or demand, including reasonable lawyer’s fees, arising out of the user’s making use of the Website and/or breach of this Agreement.


In the event of any provision of this Agreement is found  to be invalid or illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall not be taken into consideration and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force.

Any cause of action or claim the user might  have with respect to this Agreement or the Website must be started within six (6) months of the arising of such  claim or cause of action otherwise such claim or cause of action shall be barred.

The company reserves the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of this Agreement including the right to block access from a particular internet address.


In case users of website have any concerns or questions or suggestions regarding this Agreement, they may contact as under:

Email: info@ezybizindia.in

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