GST Registration Procedure for Existing Or New Users

GST Registration Steps to be followed by existing taxpayers registered under Excise, Service tax and VAT to register on GST tax portal:

NOTE: A Provisional ID and Password will be required to start the GST registration which will be provided by your tax officer.

The dates of registration may slightly differ from state to state.

Step 1: Creation of USERNAME and PASSWORD


  • First and foremost, login to
  • The GST website’s home page will display. Click on ‘NEW USER LOGIN’ button.
  • A declaration page will appear. Select all checkboxes and CONTINUE.
  • Now, the login page will appear. Fill in the Provisional ID and password that you received from your State VAT department.
  • Type the characters displayed in the captcha text image.
  • Click on the Log in button

NOTE:  In case you have not received your PROVISIONAL ID & PASSWORD then contact your state VAT department


  • Now, The Provisional ID verification page will appear.
  • Enter your e-mail id and mobile number in the respective fields.
  • Two OTPs(one-time password) will be sent. One on your registered mobile number and one on your registered email id. Both of them will be required for verification.

NOTE: Please be careful while entering the email id and mobile number as all future corresponding from the GST Service common portal will be received on the registered mobile number and email id. If you are the PRIMARY AUTHORIZED SIGNATORY, it is advised to enter your mobile number and email id.

NOTE: It cannot be changed till 01/04/2017. It can be changed only after 01/04/2017 through amendment process specified in GST Act.

  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • The OTP verification page will appear.


  • Enter the OTP you received on your registered mobile number and the one you received on your registered email id, in the respective fields.
  • In case you haven’t received any OTP, click on resend OTP button.
  • Click on CONTINUE button.


  • Set a Username (Username should be 8-15 characters long containing alphabet and numbers. It can also contain special characters like a dot, underscore etc.
  • Set a Password(Password has to be 8-15 characters long and must contain one alphabet, one number, one upper case, one lower case and one special character.
  • Re-enter the Password, in reconfirming password tab.


  • Security Questions page will appear.
  • Answer all the security question and remember all the answers as you might have to answer the security questions in case you forget your username and password.
  • Click on SUBMIT button

“Username and Password has been successfully changed. Kindly login using these credentials”- A success message will appear on a screen.

Step 2: Login using created USERNAME and PASSWORD

Next step is to log in using the username and password that you created.


  • A welcome page will be displayed.
  • Click on CONTINUE. Your dashboard will appear.


Note: The forms can be filled only in English. All fields marked with a red dot are mandatory.

  • Click on Provisional Id enrollment.


  • Eight tabs will appear on top of a page- Business Details, Promoters/Partners, Authorized signatory, Principal Place of Business, Additional Places of Business, Goods and Services, Bank Accounts and Verification.
  • Fill in the information in each page, step by step.

Step 3: Business Details Information.

Following details are auto-populated based on your existing data in the VAT system. You cannot edit these details.

  • Legal name of business(as per PAN)
  • Legal name of business(as per current tax act)
  • PAN of business
  • State
  • Ward/circle/sector


The trade name is pre-populated, but you can change it.

Now, step by step, start filling in the required information.(insert screenshot)

Fill in the other details in their respective fields.

  • Please note that fields like Registration Number, Registration Type, and Date of Registration are mandatory.
  • You are also expected to upload a ‘Proof of Constitution of Business’.

Step 4: Details of Promoters/Partners

The promoters/Partners tab collects details of the stakeholders in the business.

Step by step, start filling in the information (insert screenshot)


  • Enter the details carefully in all the respective fields.
  • Details in Personal information (complete name, a name of father/husband), Contact Details (mobile number, email id), date of birth and gender are mandatory.
  • The designation, PAN number, and complete residential address are compulsory.
  • At the end, a photograph of the stakeholder has to upload. Maximum file size is 100kB
  • To add details of more stakeholders, click on ADD NEW button.

NOTE:  In case the stakeholder is also the Authorized Signatory then select ‘Also Authorized Signatory’ option.

Step 5: Details of Authorized Signatory

On this page, you have to fill the information of the Authorized Signatory of the business.


  • If you are the primary Authorized Signatory then select the checkbox.
  • Step by step, start filling the information.(insert screenshot)
  • Carefully fill in the details in the respective field. Also provide the contact details.
  • Fields like Designation and PAN are mandatory.
  • You have to compulsorily provide the complete residential address.
  • ‘Proof of appointment of Authorized Signatory’ is a mandatory document which has to upload and the maximum file size allowed is 1MB.
  • Click on ADD NEW button, to add details of more Authorized Signatories.

Step 6: Principal Place of Business

As the name suggests, here you have to fill in the information of your principal place of business.

Provide complete residential address and official contact details.


  • Upload the ‘Proof of a principal place of business as a mandatory document. Max file size is 1MB
  • In ‘Nature of Business Activity being carried out at above-mentioned premises’, mark the check boxes applicable to your principal place of business.

Step 7: Additional Places of Business.

You have to fill in information in this tab, in the similar manner as you filled in for your ‘Principal Place of Business


In case you wish to add more place, click on ADD NEW button.

Step 8: Details of GOODS and SERVICES 

This tab gives information about goods and services provided by your business.

In goods tab,


  • In ‘Search HSN chapter by Name or Code field’, enter the name of HSN name of goods supplied by your business.
  • You can also enter HSN code in search HSN code field.


Step 9: Details of Bank Accounts

The details of bank accounts maintained by an applicant for conducting business needs to be filled in here.


  • In case you are unaware of IFSC code, click on ‘Click here’ button.
  • It is compulsory to upload a supporting document. Max file size allowed is 1MB
  • You can add details of more accounts by clicking ADD NEW button.

Step 10: Verification

This is the verification page for authentication of details submitted in the enrolment form.


  • Check the verification box.
  • Enter the name of Authorized Signatory, place as your principal place of business.
  • Enter designation of authorized signatory.
  • You need to digitally sign the application using E-signature or DSC (Digitally Signed Certificate).
  • In case your DSC is not registered then you will have to register it.


  • Click on SUBMIT WITH DSC button
  • Click on PROCEED. Select the certificate and click on SIGN.
  • A success message will be displayed.


You will receive an acknowledgment within 15 minutes on your registered email id and mobile number.

ARN (Application receipt number) will also sent on your register email id and mobile number.

NOTE: Submission of details is not complete till DSC will affix.


State Wise GST Enrolment Notification 

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