Step by Step guide to file Form 15CA and 15CB

Step by Step guide to file Form 15CA and 15CB

Form 15CA and 15CB are some of the major forms that are to be filed by the taxpayers if they have made any foreign remittances. All details related to such remittances are to be provided in the said forms. This allows the government to keep track so that no transaction escapes the levied taxes. It also helps the taxation department to seek any fraudulent activity as well as any tax escape on such remittances.

Form 15CA is filed as a declaration by the remitter for the payments done to a foreign country. It is also used as a tool by the department to collect all information on the taxes paid by the remitter on the said remittances.

Form 15CB is a Certification form to be signed by a practising Chartered Accountant. It serves as a verification form that states the right rates and taxes paid by the remitter.

In the following article, we will be discussing the step by step guide on how Form 15CA and 15CB are to be filed offline as per the new guidelines of the Income Tax Department and who should provide the information at different steps of these forms.

Filing Form 15CA: Bulk or Offline Mode

The following steps to file Form 15CA through the offline mode is to be initiated by the taxpayer-

  1. Log in to the e-Filing portal on the Income Tax website > Go to the e-File Menu > Go to sub-menu under the File Forms > Select Form 15CA
  2. After selecting Form 15CA, the PAN or TAN information of the taxpayer is automatically filled > Provide Financial Year, Type of Filing and Mode of Submission as “Offline/Bulk” in requisite areas of the form
  3. Download Form 15CA Offline Utility. It is to be noted that a taxpayer can download the same on Income Tax Forms Homepage > In the Downloads Section.
  4. Individual XML files are to be prepared for the remitter, remittee and Chartered Accountant. Single or Multiple XML files can be zipped.
  5. Upload the zipped file > Submit e-verification through the prescribed mode. A token number is generated for the same.
  6. Login to e-Filing Portal > Navigate e-File Menu > Go to View Income Tax Sub-menu > Select View Form 15CA Offline/Bulk Menu
  7. Once the processing is complete, the status of each XML uploaded by taxpayer is shown under the generated Toke Number (whether it is successfully uploaded or failed). If the XML is successfully uploaded, then for each Form 15CA an Acknowledgment Number will be generated. Under the View Filed Forms one can download the Form 15CA PDF. It is to be noted that on submission of Form 15CA and 15CB, a valid acknowledgement is generated.
  8. In case the XML File failed, the reasons for failure will be provided instead of Acknowledgment Number. The taxpayer is required to re-upload the XML after taking care of all the reasons and validations as provided on the filing portal. The failed XML file can be zipped again and then uploaded. 

Appointment of Chartered Accountant (CA): Filing Form 15CB Offline/Bulk Mode

The individual will be providing the details and consent to appoint the Chartered Accountant for further filing the Form 15CB through offline or bulk mode.

  1. Login to the e-Filing Portal of the Income Tax department.
  2. Under the Authorized Partners Menu > Navigate My Chartered Accountant(s).
  3. Add CA and provide their Membership Number.
  4. By selecting Form 15CB, assign the form and Financial year > Click Add. It is a one-time appointment that is to be made by the taxpayer in each financial year.

Filing of Form 15CB: By the Chartered Accountant

Once the taxpayer has added CA on the portal, He will proceed as under:

  1. Login to e-Filing Portal > Go to e-File Menu > Select File Form 15CB under the File Forms sub-menu.
  2. The User ID and PAN of CA are auto-filled on selecting Form 15CB. Provide Financial Year, Type of filing and Mode of submission Offline/ bulk.
  3. From the Offline Utility > Download Form 15CB OR

Go to Income Tax Forms Page > Homepage > Download Section > Download Form 15CB

  1. XML for remitter, remittee and CA is to be prepared together. Any number of XML in a single zipped file can be submitted by the taxpayer.
  2. Log in to the e-Filing Portal > Upload Zip File> Submit Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) > Token Number will be generated
  3. E-File Menu > Go to View Income Tax Forms sub-menu > Select View Form 15CB Offline/Bulk Menu
  4. Whether the XML is successful or failed will be shown under the token number provided to the taxpayer, after the processing is completely done. When successful an Acknowledgment Number will be generated for each of the submitted Form 15CB.
  5. If it’s a failure then the Acknowledgment Number will not be generated and the reason for failure will be shown on the portal. After considering all the problems and sorting them, the taxpayer is required to upload the XML file again.

To sum up, Filing Form 15CA and 15CB are interconnected forms. For filing Part-C of Form 15CA, one Form 15CB Acknowledgment Receipt Number (ARN) is required.