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Create your Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership Firm Registration

  • Easy to create firm. Also, any name may be chosen
  • Can be registered as well as unregistered.
  • Ideal for small business in unorganized sector. However, LLP has more advantage than firms
  • Less statutory compliances as compared to Companies and LLP

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    Inclusions in this package

    Partnership Deed executed on non-judicial stamp paper and notarized
    PAN / TAN Registration
    Firm’s Stamp
    Assistance in opening current account in Bank

    Time Involved in the Process

    • Approx. 2 working days for drafting and execution of deed
    • Approx. 6 working days in getting PAN

    Documents Required for Partnership Firm

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    At what rate profit from Partnership is taxed in India?

    • Partnership firm is taxable @30% + 3% 
    • Minimum 2 partners are required. There is no limit for maximum number of Partners. Minors cannot be partner in a firm.
    S.N Basis Traditional Partnership Firm  Limited Liability Partnership
    1 Liability of Partners  Unlimited  Limited
    2 Separate Legal Entity  Not Exists  Exists
    3 Registration in ROC  Optional  Mandatory
    4 Registration status  Unregistered  Registered

    With Income Tax Department:

    • Partnership firm and Partners have to file Income Tax Return annually in forms ITR 5 and ITR 3 respectively.
    • Advance tax needs to be paid periodically
    • Tax audit has to be got done by CA and audit report needs to be collected in case annual turnover is more than Rs 1 crore in case of trading business or Rs 25 lakh in case of professional business.


    • VAT/CST return to be filed online quarterly [In case of trading concern if TIN no. is taken]
    • Service tax return to be filed online half yearly [In case of service providers if service tax no. is taken]
    • Sales tax/VAT, Service tax, TDS, Excise duty has to be deposited monthly
    • TDS returns of Salary paid and vendor payment is to be filed quarterly, if applicable
    • Excise return needs to be filed monthly/quarterly [In case registration taken]
    • Other need based compliances
    • Every partnership firm has to prepare balance sheet and profit and loss account and file Income tax return, even if there is no transaction or there is loss.
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