Seeking Experienced GST Consultant?

GST Consultant: 

A professional who can easily simplify the logistics and the transportation sector of the business through consolidation for helping the organization to understand the GST process and GST Laws is known as a GST Consultant. They also help the entity in understanding the basics of Goods and Services Tax Laws and how the supply chain and operations of the business work in accordance with such laws. The entity also, gets to know the principles behind laying down GST Procedures that are appropriate for the business.

The work of the GST Consultant includes various activities such as guiding the businesses in revamping the Information Technology Systems for purchasing, financial reporting, selling and invoicing as per the structure of the tax.

GST Consultant

Who are considered as GST Consultants?

As per the Goods and Services Tax Regime the Chartered Accounts, Cost Accountants, experts in the Indian Economy and policies and professionals in the operational consulting are considered as GST Consultant. This is because they provide services to the clientele or all types of business firms based on their knowledge and skills to sort GST related queries.

At Ezybiz India Consulting LLP, we have a team of professionals who are expert and best in handling all types of business-related activities and queries.

Role of GST Consultant:

The role of a GST Consultant depends on their profession and skills acquired by them. They can guide a taxpayer or business owner in tax related activities that are as follows-

  1. Provide a detail account about the inward and the outward supplies.
  2. File application for obtaining a GST Registration.
  3. Apply for modifications or cancellation of GST Registration wherever applicable.
  4. Provides the information and details about the final GST Returns either monthly or quarterly or annually.
  5. Filing application for GST Refund claims with the authorities.
  6. On behalf the client, the GST Consultant is also liable to make appropriate payments for taxes, interests, penalties, fees or any other amount against the credit in the electronic cash and credit ledgers.
  7. File appeal (wherever seems appropriate) with the First Appellate Authority or body on behalf of the customer.
  8. File appeals with the Appellate Tribunal which can be done by a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Advocate or Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India (ICWA).
  9. Represents the business or taxpayer in all the procedures prescribed by the CGST Act, 2017, except in matters of seizure, inspection, search and arrest.

Services provided by GST Consultant:

With the introduction of GST Regime in India, the demand for GST Consultants increased tremendously. We at Ezybiz India Consulting LLP with the help of GST Professionals provide best in class services, expert advice, guidance and support to different types of business organizations and companies dealing in sale and purchase or import and export of goods and services. Our GST Consultants provide knowledgeable information to support the business and implement the best suitable GST Program as per the needs of the client and the business.

Here is a list of services that our Professional GST Consultants provide to the customer-

  1. GST Registration: The consultant completes the whole process of registration under GST for your business within a very short span of time and that too hassle free.
  2. GST Amendments: After getting GST Registrations there can be times when the taxpayer wants to modify the information submitted in the GST Portal. These can easily be done by the GST Consultant with uttermost assistance.
  3. GST Returns: As per the CGST Act, 2017 it is mandatory for the registered person to file GST Returns at regular intervals. Our team of GST Professionals will handle this for your business with your whole focus and attention on the business area.
  4. GST Compliances: The work of the GST Consultant also includes updating the client about all the newly notified compliances and rules and regulations by the GST Council to avoid any penal actions and penalties.
  5. GST Audits: A GST Consultant with their rich knowledge regarding GST and skills can perform GST Audit Services for your business and prepare the audit report required by the Council.
  6. GST Assessment: The GST Professional can also help in assisting and guiding the client during the conduction of the GST Assessment process by the GST Authorities.

Need of GST Consultant for Businesses:

The implementation of the GST has transformed the tax sector in India and created multiple opportunities for the supply chain business. With the help of the GST Framework a business entity can boost and strengthen their networks of distribution. But the problem comes in regarding understanding the complex GST Laws and procedures and adopting them in the respective businesses. In such cases, a need for hiring or appointing a GST Consultant arises, who can provide the business with ample guidance and advice and necessary information about the new GST Regime to provide the business a boost and help it to be compliant with the new laws.


Author: Anil Agrawal
EZYBIZ India Consulting LLP, New Delhi. The firm is business and tax consultancy firm providing consultancy in Taxation, Regulatory, Transfer pricing, Valuation, Corporate funding and Business set up matters. He may be reached at 9899217778 or