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ESIC registration, EPF registration & Other Services

What is ESIC?

 ESI is short form Employees’ State Insurance. It is a kind of health insurance scheme designed for Indian workers and is managed by a corporation [ESIC Registration] which has been created by Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

What is EPF?

EPF is also a social security scheme which provides for security of employees and their dependents in case of termination of employment or premature death of the employee. It is managed by EPFO and controlled by Ministry of Labour and Employment.

What is UAN?

UAN means Universal Account No. UAN is a 12 digit no. allotted to an employee who is making a contribution to EPF. This no. remains throughout the lifetime of employee and does not change with a change in jobs. 

When ESIC Registration is applicable & what is a contribution?

It is applicable in the case of all employees who are earning Rs 21,000 or less per month as wages. Total contribution is 6.5 percent out of which employer contributes 4.75% and the employee contributes 1.75%. In the case of factory or establishment having 10 or more employees, they are required to take ESIC registration or ESI registration.

What are benefits of Esic Registration?

ESI is a social security scheme for employees. Those employees who are registered here can get medical treatment for themselves and their dependents. Also, under ESI they are entitled to following benefits:

  • Women employees can get maternity benefits
  • During contingency, they can get unemployment cash benefits
  • In case of death or disablement during employment, they can get disablement benefits and family pension

ESIC Registration

  • Making and uploading documents relating to ESIC registration code no. and obtaining ESI registration for new entities.
  • Filing data of the Insured persons on website of ESI portal for doing ESI registration of employees
  • Uploading the scanned photographs of Insured person and his family members and his signature on a website in order to obtain ESI no.
  • Printing of Online Temporary ID card (TIC)
  • Follow up with ESI branch for obtaining Permanent ID card
  • Preparing and Maintaining Form No. 7 and Form No. 3
  • Preparation and generation of ESI challan
  • Filing of periodical ESI returns online
  • Replying to queries/ notices received from ESI department
  • Providing updates relating to latest amendments

PF Online Registration and Other Services

  • Preparing and filing of documents relating to EPF registration code no. and obtaining online PF registration for new entities.
  • Maintenance of Form 5A (Return of ownership) and form 9
  • Uploading of specimen signature
  • Preparation and generation of challans
  • Making and filing of periodical PF returns Form 12A, Form -5 (New Joinees) Form-10 (Resigned) Form- 7(IF)
  • Maintenance of PF eligibility register and all other statutory registers
  • Preparation of Nomination & Declaration Forms in Form No. 2 of the new employees and Declaration form in Form- 11
  • Replying to queries/ notices received from PF department
  • Providing updates relating to latest amendments
  • Preparation and filing of Form No. 3-A (Monthly Contribution of the employees) and Form No. 6-A (Annual PF Return)
EPFO helps in following wrt employees in India:
  • Administration of compulsory contributory Provident Fund Scheme, Pension Scheme and Insurance Scheme
  • Implementation of Bilateral Social Security Agreements with different countries

In the case of Factory or establishment having more than 20 employees, are required to take PF or EPF registration.

Factory Act Consultancy Services

1. Preparation of documents and obtaining Factory license from the department.

2. Maintenance of various forms and filing of periodical returns like

  • Form No. 34 [Under factories Act 1948]
  • Form No, IV-A [Under payment of Wages Act, 1936]
  • Form No. III [ Minimum Wages Act & Rules ]
  • Annual Return [ Under Workmen’s compensation Act]
  • Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 L.M.N.
  • Half yearly return Form No. 22

3. Maintenance of various types of registers like

  • Register of Whitewashing in Form No. 7 (Prescribed under rule 18. 
  • Register of leave with wages in Form No. 15 (Prescribed under rule 94).
  • Register of Accident & Dangerous Occurrences in Form 26 (Prescribed under rule III).
  • Register of Wages in Form No. 17. (Computerized)

4. Maintenance of various forms like

  • Form No. 25 (Prescribed under rule 110) relating to muster roll.
  • From No. 19 for wage slips
  • Form 8 (annual) relating to Report of Examination of Vessels in Form 8 (Annual).
  • Report of Hoist of Lifts in From No. 7B (Annual).
  • Testing & Examination of pressure vessel in From No. 8 in
  • Maintenance of Change of Name of Manager / Occupier as & when required in Form No. 2-A.
  • Maintenance of Form No. 18 (Notice of accident and Dangerous Occurrences to be submitted within 24 hours by Registered Post).

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